Pork Kra-POW!

Also known as Pad Ka-Prao, Ka-Prow, or Spicy Basil Pork, this spicy and sweet dish is equally at home in the dead of winter or the heat of summer. Thai Basil is the key ingredient here. Our preference is for the Tulsi or Holy Green Thai Basil. Unfortunately the green variety is very hard to find compared with the more common purple-stemmed variety. Some folks prefer the latter, so don’t be discouraged if that’s all you can find. It will still be delicious.

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Tonkotsu Adventure No. 3

This was our third attempt at making tonkotsu from scratch. The results of this effort were truly delicious in terms of the flavor and thickness of the broth. The only complaint we had was that it was a bit sticky. This stickiness is due to an imbalance in the broth: an overabundance of gelatin (thanks to Ramen_Lord for a brief explanation). *We tempered this by diluting the broth with water before serving, at about 1 part water : 3 parts broth. The broth did not suffer and we were very happy with the result.


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Filipino Pork Adobo

We can’t get enough of this dish. As the vinegar cooks down, it turns into the most delicious tart sauce. Super easy. Super tasty.

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