A Regional Delicacy: South Shore Bar Pizza

South Shore Bar Pizza is a phenomenon on the South Shore of Boston. It is a 10″ pie, some might say it has a thin crust, and is characterized by lacey burnt edges. The lacing comes about when the sugars in the tomato sauce sizzle and intermingle with the cheese against the side of the steel pan as it bakes. These pies tend to either have a more cracker-like, or a thin foccaccia-like, dough.

It is a simple pizza, but absolutely delicious when done right.

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Football Season Snack Mix

Otherwise known as nuts and bolts mix (or more famously, Chex Mix), this crunchy, savory snack packs an addictive flavor punch. Making your own snack mix at home is a great way to customize the mix according to your own flavor preferences.


Many recipes call for using store bought seasoned salt mixes, such as the ones sold by Penzey’s. Those are delicious, and you can use those if you prefer, but the recipe here builds a seasoning from scratch. This of course gives you more control over the end result. If you don’t have one of the many spices listed, don’t despair, substitute!
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Pork Kra-POW!

Also known as Pad Ka-Prao, Ka-Prow, or Spicy Basil Pork, this spicy and sweet dish is equally at home in the dead of winter or the heat of summer. Thai Basil is the key ingredient here. Our preference is for the Tulsi or Holy Green Thai Basil. Unfortunately the green variety is very hard to find compared with the more common purple-stemmed variety. Some folks prefer the latter, so don’t be discouraged if that’s all you can find. It will still be delicious.

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