A Regional Delicacy: South Shore Bar Pizza

South Shore Bar Pizza is a phenomenon on the South Shore of Boston. It is a 10″ pie, some might say it has a thin crust, and is characterized by lacey burnt edges. The lacing comes about when the sugars in the tomato sauce sizzle and intermingle with the cheese against the side of the steel pan as it bakes. These pies tend to either have a more cracker-like, or a thin foccaccia-like, dough.

It is a simple pizza, but absolutely delicious when done right.

Below is a catalogue of our exploration of some well-known SSBP spots.

Cape Cod Cafe – 979 Main St, Brockton, MA

Home Cafe – 677 N Main St, Brockton, MA

Poopsie’s – 243 Church St #A, Pembroke, MA

O’Toole’s Pub – 24 Raynor Ave, Whitman, MA

Next Page Cafe – 550 Broad St, Weymouth, MA

Damien’s – 279 Spring St, Hanson, MA

Venus Cafe – 47 South Ave, Whitman, MA

Johnny Kono’s – 269 Park Ave, Weymouth, MA

Tinray’s Family Restaurant – 9 Winter St, Brockton, MA

J’s Flying Pizza – 815 South Street, Bridgewater, MA

Lynwood Cafe – 320 Center St, Randolph MA

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