Crispy Oven-Fried Jamaican Jerk Party Wings

Like others who enjoy the Sunday NFL ritual, we have been in pursuit of the perfect chicken wing for a while now. We’ve had great results with Kenji Lopez’s recipe for The Ultimate Extra-Crispy Double-Fried Chicken Wings (first confit, then crisp ’em up). But for an alternative to frying, we’ve discovered a recipe that yields wings as crispy as fried without the fuss of a pot of hot oil.

Alton Brown’s recipe for Buffalo Wings are steamed, chilled, then baked to a crisp. We were somewhat skeptical with the process since we’d never had baked wings that were actually crispy, but the steaming of the wings renders the fat & prepares the wings for a good crisping in the oven.

Instead of the traditional Frank’s hot and butter mixture for buffalo wings, we used a mixture of our favorite Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning and butter. These were crispy, spicy, salty, delicious jerk wings. Enjoy!

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